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Friday, October 22, 2010

Surprise Vs Shock

i personally think life with surprises are more gets routine and bland when there's no more surprises, doesn't it? By surprise, I mean good ol surprise, coz I don't call a bad surprise a surprise, I call it "shock"...LOL!

But the worst thing would be, when an incident that's supposed to be a bit of a shock to me didn't even shock me at all....ahhh......that's a pretty bad thing, I'd say!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


today is my little pipo's 3rd birthday.....and yes, I do realize I haven't been able to post a single word for the past 35 days or so! *GASPSSSS* yesh, time do fly by FAST when you're super busy. No doubt about that!

Ok, I will write about the past happenings in the last month after this post (ie. if I can still recall them at all), but today is special....a very beautiful date..... 20.10.2010, Maia's birthday, so, I told myself I MUST MAKE TIME to write....
Obviously that's the birthday cake I made for can see the details here! :) This one's for her to celebrate it at school with her classmates. And this (below) is the 'Goodie Cup' for em! Those who know Z and I would already knew we wouldn't serve kids junk food or the usual party packs.....And I decided to do PERCY instead of THOMAS (from Thomas & Friends?) coz I think Thomas is just overrated....just google...and you'll see every Thomases imaginable! LOL!
Anyway, back to the birthday babe.....well, all I could sum up is, I'm very thankful to have her...she reflects me in many ways, the good and the badssss, of course. When my youngest sis saw her birthday cake photo today, she commented in my FB saying: "she's only THREE?????"
Coz honestly, her acts, attitude and speech, way supercede her tiny age! She speaks like a granny most times! And she started talking since err.... 10 mths old? Yeap, she's been talking for that longg.....I guess that's also why we felt she should be older than just THREE! Haha!

She's very naughty, unlike big sis Kyra.....she's also more demanding and bossy, not to mention dominating! Hmmphh!!!! She can melt your heart with her grin and flick of words 'tailored' to please and win you over! That's why she's the popular one with our relatives and friends.... :P

tbc tomorrow....sleepy germs attacked!