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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tee-pee weekend!

I know I haven't written bout Kyra's 5th birthday and many others, but pleaseeeeee.......lemme start with whatever that's on top of my head now, okie? :D Thanks!

So, last weekend was another long weekend since 1st May aka Labour's Day fell on a Sunday, Monday became a public holiday here! So, the Thursday before weekend arrived, I suddenly got inspired to finally get down to making the TEE-PEE that I've planned since 2010! So, off I went to the hardware store to get 5x 8' long wooden dowel (that were later cut down to just 7'). The other 'ingredients' were ready-stock @home anyway.....hehe....

I was determined to get it done in time to kick off our long weekend with lotsa 'faux-camping' fun with the babes....coz I knew they would be, spent the whole long afternoon measuring, planning, cutting, sewing.......assembling...............Tadaaaaa!!!! DONE on time.....PHEW!

I remembered we have their now-unused baby cot mattress in the storage room....complete with comfy soft jersey fitted sheet :O, I pulled that one out of hiding......and quickly put together THIS "scene" below......right before the babes got back from school that Friday afternoon!
Wooo...I tell you, they were excited alright! And I thought, might as well do an impromptu family 'BBQ cook-out' that evening itself! So we took out whateva food that's BBQ-able from the fridge, set up a last minute BBQ pit using a wide and low flower pot (BAD BAD idea I tell you, I think the heat cracked the pot a little...LOL! but other than that, the BBQ was a success I tell you!)

These 'grilled' tomatoes were SUPER yummy!!! So yummy I didn't have to persuade Kyra to eat her matoes!!!! Ok, here's how you do it........season the tomato slices with salt, pepper and Olive oil! That's it......BBQ it a little....and you'll get these very sweet, tasty tomato slices!!! MUST TRY!
And that night, we really 'camped' in the tent! But of course, mid sleep, I had to transfer myself to the daybed coz Gosh! It was kinda horrible sleeping without a mattress...LOL! But what's important is, the babes, especially Kyra really enjoyed the whole tee-pee & cookout weekend!

Sorry Blog! I've neglected U!

it's been months since I last found time to write here.......and all the while feeling guilty, somehow I still couldn't find time to stop by......SHORRRYYYYYY!!!! but hey, I am BACK! (hopefully for good?!)

There's actually tooooooo many things I wanna record down HERE, for sharing, for memory-safekeeping, I'm not losing my mind yet......It's just that when you have a family, especially 2 wonderful babes that are growing up sooooo fast day by day......with so many chores in hand to do, you tend to forget details.....especially details of small cute things.....such as funny innocence spoken by the babes for's the little things really......and that is actually the main reason I started this blog!

Anyways, I'll try to keep up with the MANY MANY backdated UNposts.......(I 'posted' em in my head....but my head is not linked directly, there goes....) :D

ok, BRB! lemme compile, and prep the photos before I start typing know I love having loadsa piccies in my description of anythings........who doesn't?