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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Case of Danielle: the child who was 'broken' by an 'unlucky' mother?

Just last week, I (yes, I, me) heard from mum about a fren's baby who was left crying non stop upstairs at the babysitter's place, till a nebor had to call the babysitter up to 'alert' her! gosh, i fear for the baby, man!

Read it here: Child found living like an animal!

read paragraph 9 from the link above, OMG! and her mother FEELS she's a victim of BAD LUCK! HUH!!!! being a responsible parent requires no good luck, just love and effort, some people are just so full of sh*t!
(sorry, but i really can't stand ppl who blames things on bad luck!)

On Oprah, the story here!

Reading the articles is nothing compared to watching Danielle on video, the way she eats? she stuffed her mouth full with food coz she doesn't know when will her next meal be.....and she's functioning like a toddler when she should be doing what a 9 year old does!