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Friday, September 10, 2010


Alright...for those of you who knew....I am trying to convert my unused guest room to a studio for me to do sewing, designing, painting.....crafting....everythingggggggggg!!! Well, I didn't have a budget for this personal project (of course, as usual....necessity is the mother of all my inventions LOL!), seriously.....not kidding! And coincidentally, while my Godma is in the midst of house-moving, she's throwing and leaving a lot of stuffs behind....I mean, A LOTTTT!

One afternoon while at her place, I spotted this very rusty metal desk....from the look and shape of this desk, I already knew its fate.....Godma's definitely gonna dump this one for I adopted it....coz I saw loadssss of potential in this little guy......
So, with a little sanding down....a new coat of matte white paint.....some simple stitching and it is......the nipped & tucked metal desk! It was truly a piece of junk at 1st....and now, it's so retro funky and I really can't help but smile everytime I look at it coz it's just sooooo bright and happy! Doesn't it give the same effect to you as well??? Yes? :D
The Green Polkadottie wooden stool is also a 'throwaway' that I adopted and make-overed! Now I am thinking of upholstering all my wooden stools at home to look like this! LOL!

Here's my new 'workstation'......see the two cute 'containers'? They are practically almost FOC as well.....
Those containers came from THIS (below)!
Some of you might have noticed the matchy-matchy wall clock on my new desk eh? My youngest sis customized it for me......she's now selling handmade notebooks, clocks and such in her FB 'store' too!!! With just RM18, you could have your clock customized by her too!

And the 'signage' to my 'polkadot + cupcake' studio.....a temporary one that is....coz I plan to request for Maia to do the POLKADOTS....and Kyra to do the CUPCAKE for me! Coz after all, this label is all because of them.....about them....for begin with!
Okies, I must's a public holiday today coz it's HARI RAYA (celebrated by our Muslim friends) and we are going to one of the teachers' house in a while...gotta get ready and get going fast!!!! Happy holidays everybody!