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Monday, July 26, 2010


At times, I feel guilty for not saying "HI" to my blog.....but i think it will understand.... :D

So, the past week was crazy busy for me, first, I managed to complete this bag that I started 2 weeks ago.....and I'm loving it.....I think this is my first gem-ed handmade item....but I am happy for 'her' coz she'll have a new good owner :D

Then, in all craziness, I made myself a long wallet, copied the design from my favourite Burberry's long wallet, using the little square Japanese cotton remnant from the babes' dresses, but little did I expect this wallet in this print would generate such positive responses from friends and family alike! Making me wish I had bought more of this fabric.... :P

Truth is, I made it coz it's supposed to be my TEST wallet, coz Godma ordered a handmade long wallet for the son's girlfriend....for her birthday.....and yeah, I made hers too in the span of last week!
Then, there was a cupcake order that called for nearly 100 me baking 4 batches and totaling an exact 100 pcs of these.....yummm!!!! I tell you, after finishing the whole baking that evening, my body felt as though I have just gone through mountain hiking!!!! LOL!
Then, I also made this cutee bear blankie comforter....It's for baby-toddler....unfortunately, it's just 3' x 4' and definitely too small for even I am putting this one up for sale in POLKADOT + CUPCAKE!
More bakings to be done......these birthday cupcakes were ordered by a boyfriend for his sweet eh.... hehe.....these are rich chocolate medium cupcakes with MATCHA buttercream.....oh, I gotta say....they complemented each other so well.........

And on Sunday, I am baking for an order by a friend to her church friends' 39th Anniversary! How exciting.....I mean, 39th....gosh.....maybe you know of many couples who made it that far, but are they making it that far and still very much in love? That's what you should find out.....LOL!
Was informed both of them love music....thus the theme....and I chose RED coz this shade represents L.O.V.E!!!
Okie, I better go.....I'll come back again when I feel inspired to write better! LOL! In the mean time, have a good productive week peeps!