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Monday, July 5, 2010

Re-purposing the laundry room (PART 1)

SORRY, forgot to snap the "BEFORE" shot....but nevermind, it's just messy and wrong THIS (below) is the "AFTER" shotsssss......but bear in mind, just the PART 1 ya!

I am truly glad that I have just the exact and enough space to slot in THREE units of LERBERG, ie the black metal shelves from Ikea....Exactly three units and not an inch left to spare! Phew!!! I'd be soooo arghhh if the 3rd one could not fit in inch?

Previously, I was just plain blurrrr to not put a thick rug in front of my washer and dryer coz I always had to kneel down in some instances to unload the laundry from washer then load em into the dryer.....and I was always mumbling to myself how much I hate to see the knees getting the 'wear and tear' by it......okie, problem solved! thick comfy rug for my knees.....happy laundry days any day now....haha!

Now you see why I had to re-purpose the laundry room? My kitchen can fit in stuffs alright, but under normal usage only...and when you have packs of flour and sugar and etcetera all in bulk, that's just abnormal for a normal kitchen......and that's when you need a P.A.N.T.R.Y! Well, it's nothing fancy but it neatens both my kitchen and laundry room up!!!

Near the windows, you have the wash basin, the giant washer and then dryer....
Every placement has its ergonomic consideration btw...LOL! You see, my washer opens to the left, that makes unloading and 'throwing' of washed laundry directly into the dryer which opens to the right, very smooth and ergonomic! :D I had the basin installed there before we even moved in, coz I know I'll need to wash my hands after handling the detergent :) and also the dogs which is just outside the door!

On the door grill itself, I hung an Ikea hamper or whatever you call it....for storing 'ocipalar' light but bulky items! And here.....there you see "S, M, L, XL" I always call em.....hanging proudly protecting the plastic baggies from being abused! hehe!

Why did I say PART 1 for this post you wonder?
Well, I've gotten the wall brackets ready.....the only thing not ready is the MAN to do the drilling and installing..that's all... *hint hint*

Gonna add two wall shelves on top of the metal shelves......then make a 2-panel curtain to cover the entire 'pantry'....the only tiny problem is, I might have an issue on how to hang my panel curtains now that I lost our unused and new shower curtain rail somewhere in this house could something as long as 6' go MIA???