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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Yesterday, while updating my FB Polkadot + Cupcake page, I realized I have put my status as SAHM (stay-at-home-mum).....but I don't stay at home goyang kaki fact, almost every minute at home is work work it for Polkadot + Cupcake, or The Polkadot Cupcake, or for my very own Polkadot babe and her cheche Cupcake! LOL! So, I finally changed my utterly unsuitable status of SAHM to Work-at-home-mum! :D Much much more suited to me, I personally think....LOL!

Ah babes are big girls now.....big as in 2.75 years old and 4.5 years old respectively... :P It's time for me to start something for myself finally......while taking care of them at the same time of course......

Yesterday afternoon, principal's hubby who is also their kindie's "CEO", called coz we're supposed to work on the kindie's blog (yes, supposedly I am to manage and write their blog), then he asked about my label.....not knowing I oredi 'launched' it in he asked if I wanted to promote my label during their year end concert (which is not at year end's on 30th October!).....and I told him, many thanks, it's a lovely idea, brilliant in fact, but how can I single handedly come out with a range of items to be showcased? I told him my sewing and designing time is only in the morning when the babes are in kindie.....then he said: "Put them in full day classes then?"

Nah nah nah.....I would not, and could not bear knowing the fact I am 18 feet away from their school not having them around the entire's just not, yeah that's it...for now.....I am still very much a full time mum, who works from home..... W.A.H.M it is! :)