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Monday, August 3, 2009

An August Sunday

Everyone in d house woke up before 8am last Sunday, well, ever since Maia's in da house, we hardly have any chance to sleep in coz she's a morning birdie alrite! :P

It was a nice morning, cool, and quiet (becoz everybody else in the neighbourhood still asleeping that's why!), so I got this idea to make good use of Mr Tripody and my new and pretty quilt cover!

And this is the outcome.... :D  I'm lovin it!  All the colors and casualness.....(and the nature of MY babes who CAN'T pose for photos especially when you need them to stay very very still! :P )
ABOVE: So, which do u like huh!? :D  i can't decide, obviously.....that's why i put both of em here!

I somehow love the imperfect shots of the 3 of us girls :D coz i really do not have much properly taken photos with both of them in one frame!  I do believe imperfect shots are the ones you'll find amusing, interesting, memorable many years down the road........