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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the 'LAS VEGAS' Lemon Bar :D

No, this recipe has NOTHING directly related to this movie LAS VEGAS that's aired on Astro every Thursday nite @10pm, except for ONE episode where Delinda (Josh Duhamel's on-screen pregger gf) hired another pregger pastry chef, just because she's ALSO pregnant! :P So it happened that this new chef is damn irritating and never obeyed her boss' orders, and shuts people up by stuffing her yummy-looking LEMON BAR into whoever's mouth that was trying to tell her off at the moment! And it seemed that her lemon bar is sooooo damn yummy that it distracted those who were trying to make a point to her.....TILL my very own boss at home kept mentioning "IF ONLY YOU KNEW HOW TO MAKE THAT LEMON BAR"!!!
So, that IS how this lemon bar of mine happened.......okie? :P (told ya, it's not directly related mahhhh)

This (above) is MY lemon bar, fresh out of my oven a few hours ago.....
and I am very very very happy to announce that this shall be our family's fave dessert for quite some time from today! No kidding! It is really different from all the cheese cakes, butter cakes.....somewhat refreshing to the tastebud! Here, I decided to skip dusting confectioner's sugar on top of it to reduce sugar intake...

You dont have to worry even if you're someone who hates sourish food, coz it's not! It has the right amount of zinnngggggggg!!!! and citrusy taste, and crunch....yeah, did I mention the crust is very mouth-watering too???? Zac mentioned that to me twice, within 2 hours' time frame:D

So, if you are curious how good it tastes like, give it a try at home....
Here's the recipe:
and be surprised how much you would actually love it.....LOVE, not like! :D Coz I myself did not even think it would be this good to eat at 1st, I made it today coz i just got my cake mixer a few days ago...haha..and I have 2 lemons sitting in my fridge waiting for their time.... :P, and that 'somebody' kept mentioning the LEMON BAR FROM LAS VEGAS MOVIE every now and then......yeah, really!!!
(If you watched that episode, you'll know)

In fact, there's so many highly rated lemon bar recipes around, so if you happened to find an even better one, I'd really appreciate it if you would update me too!

Okie, off I have another bite...maybe two..... hehe.....