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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Easy Peasy Party Favors : LITTLE GIRL's

Have you ever felt all gleeful and excited when you redeem your free goodie bag from X Magazine roadshow, or your birthday baggie from your fave beauty counters?

Well, that's how a little kiddo feels too when they get little surprises in their party favor bags when they attend a party, a birthday party most likely......and you will see that they would check out each other's goodie bag to see if EVERY thing is the same!

With a tiny wee bit of time, and effort and very little $$$, you can make cute unique party favors for the little girls who attend your lil girl or niece's birthday for example!  I guess the photos above already explained what I am suggesting here..... :D

To further make it double-useful, you can also personalize the card each hairpin is attached to, for example, have the birthday girl/boy handwrite 'THANK YOUs' on it.....she/he could even personalize each Thank You card with the recipient's name on it!

If the birthday 'subject' is too young to even hold her pencil properly, well, you can just design simple cards with the help of design softwares, then later print them out in artcards!
These tiny party favors are not only usable, little girls who receive these would be delighted!
And, isn't that what your party should be all about?!!!

Happy crafting! :D