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Sunday, August 9, 2009

ELEVEN pounds!

Today, we managed to drop by my parents' place for a tiny bit while....
So, because i do not have a weighing scale at home *yet* :P  i only remember that my last weight was 46.5kg sometime in March 09, to which everybody kept exclaiming: "GOSH! U R SO SKINNY!"  (At my 5'3.5" frame, i really do not think i am that underweight at all...and trust me, i can wear any clothes super easily!)

I took out the weighing scale in sis' room, and stepped onto it.....
the number onscreen showed 51.3kg.......

ME to SIS:  is ur scale rosak?
SIS:  nouu....of coz not!
ME:  AISI!  I am 51.3kg?????  That means I gained weight and I didn't even know it!!!
***Except for the fact that i could no longer fit into most of my pants :P

In the car on the way home:
ME to Z:  Do u know i gained 11 pounds of weight?
Z: uhuh?
ME:  and it happened right in front of all my family members, and nobody even 'warn' me?
         How strangeeeeeee!  And it happened right in front of u too and u did not notify me too?
Z:  I do not realize it.....don't feel it.
ME: wonder I no longer get people commenting "AIYO! U R SO SKINNY"  :P

Do you know that women everywhere would pay those slimming centres thousands to shed that 11 lbs that I gained soooooo conveniently?  And here I am, getting 'THERE' without even realizing it....... tsk tsk tsk.......

Actually, to be very honest, the only place I'd like to lose some MAJOR FAT is around my waist, coz if that happens, I would be able to wear all my pants again, and that definitely would make life easier...... FYI, extreme dieting is OUT of the question, something I would not do to my body now (Yes, I am far more secure now than when I was in my teens when I would starve myself silly by eating just raw carrots and celery).  Besides, extreme dieting WILL NOT help you lose weight consistently, there will be BEWARE!

I might just start with getting hold of my old friend, THE HULA :)