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Thursday, October 15, 2009

1st Wisdom Tooth OUTTTT!!!!

OK, I am amongst the unlucky ones whose teeth are problematic since young...
It began like this...

When I was 10, after my 2 front upper incisors fell, the new ones refused to come out for ages!!!
So, dental surgeon had to SLICE open my gum to 'release' them! NOT KIDDING.
I remember I struggled and cried profusely, mostly due to F.E.A.R and F.E.A.R alone.

Then, after I have all my permanent teeth grown, they could not fit into my super small jaws, and so they decided to stack on top each other, which then gave me the calling name, "gigi rongak"!
(Trust me, even if you don't understand Malay Language, that term is not a nice thing to call an insecure adolescent).

So, luckily my mum was smart enough to DRAG and FORCE me to the orthodontist to have my braces done! I remember I kept insisting I do not want it, also due to F.E.A.R of dentists!!! LOL! But I am very thankful she was insistent.....she probably takut nobody would want her crooked-teeth daughter later...hahahahaha....

The whole braces thingie, made me fear dentists even more...coz after pulling out FOUR molars, and bracing braces for 2 year ++, the stupid orthodontist decided to tell me that my upper jaw was still too small, and I needed to pull out ANOTHER molar!!! To that, I said a firm NO, and I regret it till now.....

I took off my braces in Form 4, ie. in 1996, and that was the last I saw a dentist...yes, it had been 13 SUPER LONG years for one to skip her dental appointment!

Last month, my gum where my lower right wisdom tooth was, got swollen, and so painful I had to take painkiller. Finally, out of desperation, I went to seek Mr Dentist and of course I made sure I went to one of the better ones in our little city that costed twice other dentists would normally charge! He said I would need to remove that problematic wisdom tooth which was semi-grown and grown at a 45degree angle. I also need to remove an upper left wisdom tooth which is super misaligned (again, need I remind you I have super mini jaws?).

Worst news came, it would have to be done via surgery coz the tooth was not fully grown, and so, the next Monday I got it all done and over with. 1st, he rubbed some numbing cream on the spot where he would jab me (on the gum of course).....later JAB JAB JAB...a little pinch here n there.....

And I started to feel not much there......and he cut the gum open....then using something that works like a mini rotary cutter (or chainsaw! LOL!), he sawed my HUGE stupid tooth into HALF, and exact half really, before pulling each half out with forcep. Finally, he gave me 2 stitches and plenty of antibiotics plus very little painkiller :P And in return, I had to unwillingly give him RM550 :(

I could not eat properly for the entire week....the unlucky thing was, surgery was done on Monday, we flew to Singapore for my bro-in-law's wedding on Wednesday, and I suffered post surgery ulcer and surgery related pains the entire week!!!! SUCKS BIG TIME! And the area under my right jaw was sooooo swollen from Tuesday till Thursday, and I told hubby: "So, this is how I am gonna look like if I become fat next time" and he laughed his hair off! Hmmmmph!!!!

And I am not sure I would be going back to remove my other stupid wisdom tooth if it doesn't give me any swelling.... (TOUCH WOOD!!!!)........but I read that the earlier you remove them, the faster you also reads as: the younger you are when you do it, the faster you heal! Come to think of it, I should have removed my 5th molar as suggested by my Orthodontist eh? at least that MIGHT have given the stupid tooth more space in the 1st place....sighhhh.....

So teenagers out there.....DO NOT be like me......stupid. period. Trust your mummy's words, and then the orthodontist's too! :D