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Friday, October 16, 2009

More than 100 yen! :P

This is a continuation of event from previous post....So, after dinner, we decided to let the babes do a little funtime shopping and of course spend more quality time with their Ningning, and we visited the quite-newly opened 100 Yen Store for the 1st time (for all of us). Mum visited before and kept telling us "No need to go, nothing to see!" but I beg to differ...haha.....I guess it's just not her cuppa tea...but sis and I are super sure our dad is gonna love it, thus, we planned to bring him there after dinner this Sunday :D

Ok, we got a few things....don't wanna end up buying things we end up not using, so we trod carefully, with the 2 chatterbox carrying a large basket EACH! :P And it seems like I can't really check out any single thing, coz once the babes see me check out an item, they automatically assume that their mummy wanna buy it, and into their basket it goes....ONE EACH!!!! OF THE SAME ITEM!!!! hmmmm.........

But it's always fun to see them both acting the kepoci 'aunties'...haha..

These are what I got for my 1st trip: (FYI, not all items are RM4.90 btw, the only item that's RM4.90 here is the food picks, the black tray and egg mould set of 2 is RM5.90 each). Sis and I love the almost matte black tray, it has wood grain texture and it matches my black wood grain kitchen to the T :D....perfect for serving drinks on Chinese New Year!!! haha...