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Monday, October 5, 2009

"Uncle, u sit on wrong plane!"

Yesterday, we just got back from Singapore, attending my bro in law's wedding. As we boarded the plane, I saw this man in early 30s (who seemed like an empty snob) got up from his seat after being told he sat at somebody else's seat. So with a blank face on, he walked past three rows of seat and approached an uncle with a somewhat irritated face and 'ah-beng-ish' style:

MAN: Uncle, u sit on wrong plane!

As I already knew there was gonna be a small scene going on, I observed all along from the start, hehe...very bad of me......hehehehe...I knew he should be saying "uncle, u sit on the wrong seat" instead of PLANE! LOL!

With a very shocked expression on his face, that uncle looked up at him without saying a word, then that man finally and QUICKLY gestured "oh, my seat is same row as yours, but it's window seat, not YOUR aisle seat" facial expression......all that without a word, not even a word of sorry!

He was very lucky that uncle has no temper, or probably didn't understand english too, I can imagine if somebody as blank as he is simply comes telling me I boarded the wrong plane, I think I would be pissed off! Coz obviously he was the one all confused there! I chuckled in my heart.....and moved on.....

That's why I always thought that we should be careful of the words we use in daily communications, coz even ONE wrong word can trigger an awfully different meaning altogether! hehe.....


gingee said...


if that man were to tell our gerger "miss, u sit on the wrong plane..." i tink gerger will turn green and panicky. lol! "not again??!!!" lol.

dun simply scare ppl with his engris la tis blank snob! hahahahah!

PUFF!maker said...

i lagi takut, if he HAPPENS on gerger, gerger would cepat cepat stand up, pack her bag, and walk out of the CORRECT PLANE!!!