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Friday, October 16, 2009

Meimei & Cheche's ROY ROY (and Ningning's LOI KOH)

While we were BUSY eating at expert just now.....a guy appeared from behind Ling (sis#2), smiling, no, grinning happily to me...

Then i think he figured i DO NOT recognize him totally! So he said HELLO and extended his hand to shake mine....(1st impression, PASS!!! LOL!) I am no old lady okay, but I know how to judge a man to a certain extent without even knowing him fully, yet! My SHEEPISH LOOKING sister#2 aka the guy's girlfriend, looked as though she almost choked on her food when she realized that her BIGGEST KEPT SECRET aka the Boyfriend decided to make an appearance in her big sister's presence! LOL!.....oh, PLUS two little nieces' too :D

Sister#2 smiled happily (I am not sure she realized that or not) with that sweet surprise, and ROY ROY greeted her by planting a kiss on her HEAD!!!! :O or should i say her HAIR!!!!! I wanted to ask him, "U do know she puts loads of mineral oil on her hair daily, rite?" :P

Okay okay, enough of the cawan mushi details.....later somebody will be soooooo REDDDDDDD she decides to cancel our breakfast plan tomorrow errrr....

I honestly think he is a very pleasant and nice guy. Someone decent enough to want to know your family members is a good start. Someone who is polite enough to pay attention to the 2 little 'members' and did not make any of them cry! LOL! (though all the above does not guarantee anything of course, just like everything else maaa.... but at least.....)

I managed to snap this pix of him carrying my babe, but that stupid spotlight at the back 'gau gau cannnn', making the pix less clear than it should've been! I did want to say "1 more time" but pai seh time, next time.....

Oh, btw, he is Teochew, so when he's old and wrinkly, we could all refer him as Teochew Ah Pek! LOL! And please, don't call him LOI KOH, sounds so much like prawn paste kinda category!


z said...

What a bicep!! another +point

gingee said...

aisi. itu pun dia notice, zaco.

gerger is soooooo gona make noise abt tis liau tomolo morning =|
*in case she's reading b4 bfast 2MLO : U BETTER DONT.

PUFF!maker said...


btw, i baru checked out his pix albums.....good teeth, nice warm smile, and something that looks like a 6 pax???????

he's a keeper! LOL!

Ger said...


@@ how come din tell me!!!!!!

is he going sunday sunday ????

PUFF!maker said...

woah lau eh lu lang eh!

of alllllll my postssssss,
this is the ONE that generated so many un-constructive comments from u all!!!?????

tsk tsk tsk!!!!

n no, sunday sunday he not joining us, he has to go back Sri Aman, apparently, he is a SUA TENG TEOCHEW NANG! LOL!
he said so himself oso arh...not me! LOL!

Loi said...

10s 4 d kind words Pei2. but if u wan to noe d real me, pls go ask gingee. she gona tell u all d bad stuffs abt tis teochew ah pek aka sua teng ka! lol .... rili nice to get to meet u n ur angels! oh yeah .. next time must use ur nikon D70 to snap bah. lol

PUFF!maker said...

ask gingee arh?
susah lor lidat....LOL!

it's OUR pleasure to MEET u finally...hahahaha....
not to mention a 'privilege' hahahaha...coz now i m the 1st one in family to have met u! :P
n i wonder how long the others gotta wait! kakakakakakakaa......

Anonymous said...

"she's gona tell u all d bad stuffs abt tis teochew ah pek aka sua teng ka!"

here goes:
1. he's skinny (plus the 6 pax). so owes say me bakbak! cit!
luckily has got some lakia blood too. else...
luckily OLDER than me too. else... (mai kong du tiok).

2. nida make APPOINTMENT to meet one worrr, if he's back from miri. he mite js be VERY... VERY... VERY... bz at times. VERY. VERY. bz. most of the time. VERY VERY!

*will write a book on all these, as thick as the encyclopedia. For more information, GRAB ONE FROM YOUR NEAREST BOOKSTORE WHILE STOCK LASTS!!* =)

hahahah... jk.

PUFF!maker said...

he got lakia blood too????
how come ALL of us seem to have lakia blood in us eh??????
the invasion....LOL!

ok then, make appointment du appointment lah....

ROYROY, the next time u r back,
head directly to no.11 okay....
else, their curiousities kill! LOL!

Anonymous said...

no, u got me wrong - the appointment, i meant ME. wanna meet him wen he's back from miri pun nida make appointment.

not about him meeting u guys

(btw, all comments in ur blog will auto go to my mail oso one ka? ALL)

PUFF!maker said... GANTUNG HARGA meh

i tot THEY finally can make appointment liau...LOL!!!
me no need, me no need...MET oredi...hahahaha....

(btw, i think in my entire blog's history one day, this post might be the "HOTTEST")

Ger said...


si roy roy.. early early i already make appointment tapi he din even say OK! Hishh!

Loi said...

1. Yes, i got lil bit a lk blood..haha
2. Yes, am much older than ALL of u!
3. Yes, sometimes need appointment, NOT all d times bah! only Sunday = rockclimbing day!!! (dat wat i think)
4. Gingee bites!!! scary weeiiiii!!!
5. Ah Ger lets meet !! When u wan?!?! i chia u starbucks@!
6. oops ... i think zaco its eldest! =)

Ger said...

YAY! i want! dec when i go back ! u mai ke ke mia again or appear to the si both of them without my knowing again ! herh.. else the next time u come and fetch my sista im gonna drag u into the house n meet my parents since they are sooooo eager to meet u! LOL!!!

Loi said...

ok ! gingee must go together also. :)