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Friday, October 30, 2009

Domino's Vs Pizza Hut

Why do I love DOMINO's Pizza more than Pizza Hut's?

Oh, it's not much to do with how the pizzas taste like really in this's more of the customer service! You see, you get no-questions-asked vouchers when you get a late Domino's pizza. You also get FREE GIFT (in the form of free desserts) because you order 3x a week! LOL! Yeah, happened to us once.....the lady in the call line said: "You are so and so? Because you are our loyal customer, we are giving you a free Banana Bread Dessert to go with your order, we hope you enjoy your meal." Of course, why not! Domino's make good pizzas....

Pizza Hut?
When our pasta bolognaise with chicken did not come at all, they told us "Kitchen has told us they made it already, are you sure?" We had to notify them twice to get them to attend to this matter, and finally, the lady came back and said the most unbelievable non-customer-service words:

"They do not want to make the chicken meatball pasta bolognaise anymore, so we are replacing your order with beef meatball instead, but TAK APALAH, tak apalah......though beef meatball pasta is more expensive, tapi tak payah kira lah"

HUH?????? I wasn't feeling like arguing with them, so we let them go at that. Imagine if they faced another customer who does not eat beef???!!!!!! And not just that, this is NOT the way you talk to your customer when the fault is at your end btw......

What do you mean kitchen does not wanna make it anymore???? Are they saying we lied about eating up the pasta they already made, and lied to get another serving?????

Our guess is, one of the waiters must have served our pasta to another table! Whatever the reason, this is not the way you handle your customers, alright!

2nd encounter, also a negative one.
I placed a home delivery for Pizza Hut. 30 minutes later, the lady called and said:"Due to some problems, your pizza will be late, so I am calling to inform you so that you won't be waiting".

HUH??? I thought they copied DOMINO's policy, that if they are late, the customer will be presented with free vouchers???? Obviously, her call to me means, "sorry maam, because I am notifying you now, I am keeping the vouchers for myself!"

hmmmm.........whatever happened to Pizza Hut's quality of service????

They are soooo lucky we do not have DOMINO's Pizza here......yet!


Anonymous said...

and oh.. if not mistaken, they charge service tax for non-bumis as well.

talking about 1malaysia, stil they gota divide into bumis, non bumis. how ONE is tat TWO? hehehe.. (okay, off the topic, i know. shun pian ba.. hahaha)

PUFF!maker said...

yeah, confirmed right...
non bumis have to pay more coz of the service tax, even when the service sucks!

well, u know what they say....
ADssss are created to mislead, not to tell the truth mah...
and to me and many others like u,
the "1 Malaysia" concept is just ANOTHER big ad!!!

Who would buy this concept????
Those who believes in every single ads they hear lah.....