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Monday, November 16, 2009

8 days and counting.......

counting down to my 1st ever trip to KL with the 2 babes on my own!!! (yeah, that's a 1st,....and a scary thought too! Simply coz you won't know if Maia will cooperate and not make a fuss with her loud volume, or whether Kyra would puke or cry or wanna be carried...yeah, she has this tendency to puke on long trips or equivalent, she also has the tendency to chicken out for the slightest reasons and thus will demand to be carried...and mind you, she's 19kg!!!

To make matters worse, I have this '3 feet long friend' of Maia's to carry as well!

In case you wonder why MUST we bring POPO (yeah, this orange red animal), Maia cannot sleep without him, so there's a super solid reason , ain't it? :P

The only consolation to traveling with both of them by myself is, PHEW!!! We are flying by MAS, not Airasia....heck, i have nothing against Airasia most definitely, but the thought of having to climb down and up the staircase into the airplane, carrying 1x 12kg Maia + 3' POPO, while the 19kg Kyra tails just plain horrifying...

And what if it rains??? Right? Then I'll have to carry umbrella as well????

Another less-worrying thought is that both of them are pretty familiar with traveling by plane, so they definitely know what to do once seated...."BUCKLE UP SEATBELT!!!" Maia will tell u! Then when they see the stewardess pushing the trolley pass, Kyra would ask: "I want orange juice?" Maia: "Eating time!"

Well, i'm just gonna hope it'll be a fun and smooth experience....nothing more.