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Monday, November 9, 2009

My 1st DIY Nail 'Art'

I got myself another few nail polishes last here's the current 'look' on my talons!!!

I named it "B&W Flora and NO Fauna"
If I show you the 'art' on my right hand more closely, you will see how imperfect it is! Well, I have very lousy left hand, blame it on that..hehe....

*Top & Base coat: REVLON's
*White polish: BLOOP DE PARIS
*Black polish: IN2IT

I need to get a nail file & cuticle lotion soon.....I got the orange sticks already.....and in case some of you may wonder how come I am so into manicures of late???? Well, my stove is broken since 3 weeks ago, still awaiting replacement, and I haven't been cooking since then.....that explains why I can keep my nails!!! Else, my nails are always super short....not by choice btw :(