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Friday, November 6, 2009

Hepi Birddaaayyyy to Er Su! :D

With loads of love and hugs from Ahbe & Saybe:
Here's wishing Er Su a very Happy 36th Birthday, and may you and Ivy Shen Shen have a loving happy life together :D, of course, on top of having all your birthday wishes come true too! LOL!

NOTE: saybe was actually asking the cheche to lower down her voice when they were singing the mandarin version....coz cheche was too loud! haha...

And, Happy Housemoving too! May the new home brings you two even more love, joy and blessings *winkzzzz*


Anonymous said...

such a meaningful greeting!

and shun pian, selamat hari jani!


Er Su said...

phwwah.. completely missed this. Busy moving house, just managed to catch some breather and check messages.

Thank you thank you my 2 little nieces :) heng I got buy pressies from tokyo hehe..

Hope to see you all soon.

-Er Su-