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Monday, November 2, 2009

GUARDIANS BigHeadz Redemption: WE ARE RALLYING!!!!

THESE are the animalias that made sis#2 and I find reasons to go buy things @Guardians lately! But because of her bestie, she now has 12 stamps FOC :P.....on top of that, she also designed her own RALLY BANNER in her blog!

Aren't they uber cute????? With oversized headz and big round innnocent eyes.....but they cost 40 stamps each *%($&*($&)(#*(#&(%&$*Q@, and to get ONE stamp, you need to spend RM15 @Guardians, but if you are truly crazy enough, you can half-redeem it too, with 20 stamps + RM18.90. Altogether, EIGHT animalias, cute cute onessssss..... sigh!!! This is too much...LOL!

ABOVE: This is Sis#2's 'RALLY BANNER', she's targeting FIVE ekor Bigheadz.... :O
But before you feel KOH LIAN for her, and starts sending her your stamps, please take a moment to look at ANOTHER 'rally banner' below:

Yesh...that's her own niece, fighting for the UBER CUTE Animalias.....may the cutest redeems the 1st plush toy the fastest!!! LOL!!!