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Thursday, November 19, 2009

THE big "LIST" :P

It's been 11 months since we moved into this new home.......the 1st 7 months of it were spent without a proper kitchen, and many others to be accurate...LOL! Just know that it's really NOT easy to furnish a double storey semi-detached home, especially if you're one (or two in our case) who have not saved $ for it :P, and by saying we have not a house fund, that's pretty clear how un-loaded we are lah....ok..hehehehe...... (coz if we were to have extra moolahs....I'm quite sure we'd have some kind of savings).

So, today.....I took time looking around the home......and managed to 'list down' in my mind the things I would love to have to make the home more complete......(reads: want DOES NOT = NEED, meaning, our lives are not affected by the non-existence of these things ok..hehe, but would be
nice to the eyes to have lah)

a gorgeous low coffee table (I spotted one that I lurveeee already....damn!
It's over RM1k++, so that's why it's sti
ll NOT in my home) LOL!
***eh, I think this item is not a 'WANT' item, it's a 'NEED' item esp with CNY around the corner......well, worse come to worst, we c
ould settle for IKEA's Expedit coffee table @RM259 (below). FYI, it looks NOTHING like the one I fell in love with:P....make do, what to do......

Then I saw this cute coffee table on wheels (below) retailing @USD699 :O @PB, how adorable and fun....I imagine if I really had this at home, it'd be a toy cart in the babes' eyes :P

It gotta be teak coz otherwise, they won't match our solid teak 4poster bed, so this is why we are still bedside-table-less till today... LOL!

This is another 'difficult' item.....reason is, i have the design in my mind since the day we moved in...and it is a very long, simple & chic TEAK tv console. Ok, it does not have to be solid wood.....but the wall measures 13.5' wide.....and I need a pretty long console to hold the area together, if u get what I mean.....
LONG = more $$$, so there goes.....
But good thing the Astro decoder can sit on the floor for the time being... Hehehe...

Well, simply love the simplicity and solidity of this one here....yeah, this is the kind I am dreaming about, but of course, it has got to be longer......just look at the thick thick thick body.......ahemmm.....LOL!

4) DECORATIVE BOX SHELVES for living room
I had this in mind....see below...but of course, it would be made of wood to complement the whole living room theme. Since this is definitely not a NEED item, I do wonder sometimes when will we ever set a budget to custom make them! :P

This, is a NEED item, but due to some 'unforeseen' reasons....ahemmmmmm......we have yet to get it customized. In case you are wondering what this's just a simple chic rack (or so I imagined in my mind), that lets my Panasonic Multipurpose Oven 'sit' atop my Sharp Healsio Water Oven so that they take up less space on the kitchen counter. Both are not built-in oven units, thus, the reason they were NOT built-into the cabinet in the 1st place. So, this is definitely a NEED item.

6) IKEA STOLMEN WARDROBE SYSTEM for our walk in wardrobe
gettin this....gettin this soon.....good thing I did not cancel my Ikea Friends credit card...hehehehe...

so the dryer can sit atop my huge Bosch 10.5kg washing machine....this giant really took up a big area in my tiny laundry room, thus, a few MANY weeks ago, I got this idea to stack my dryer on top of it....but because these 2 were not of the same breed, thus I need to custom make a 'shelf' or rack to sit the dryer 6" to 8" above the washer. Will definitely post up photos of the "AFTER" job.....coz i think it will make a huge terms of neatness and space....
This is doable (budget wise), just that we never found the time to find a welder to make it. What an excuse....sigh.... :D

and because we do not have bedside tables, thus we won't be gettin this yet...
another excuse....haha.....well, mind you, once you add everything up, even a pair of bedside lamps would pinch your pocket a lot......and I hope to find a nice spectacular pair......coz I have to look at it every day......and on a more serious note, I've always felt that our bedroom NOW is very incomplete coz it lacks a certain pair of spectacular lamps......TO ME, these are the 'accents' of the room u know....
Well, if you have seen Nate Berkus (on Oprah)'s room transformations, you'd agree!

Seen here is Cortena Mica Mood Lamp by POTTERY BARN, on sale @USD102.99, how nice and simple!!!

Well, ahemmm..... Sista#2 ahemm!!!!! Hehehehe, I wanted to have a few extra large canvases on stretcher frames to be painted myself to decorate bare walls of the home.....but due to a super hectic schedule of the big-shot framing guy AH YEO, I guess my mini order is just not crucial to be fulfilled.... SAD.......

Else, I could have rushed a few 'artworks' for CNY... :P

Very long list huh?
I thought so too....What to do......Hopefully by CNY 2011, I won't be repeating anything from this list, k... :P

Well, this room (below) used to be our dining 'hall', but because the 2 babes always messed up my entire living room with their books and toys, and I ended up being the one who cleared those up every day....tiring, I tell you! So, out of desperation, I moved out my entire dining and merge it into the spacious enough (tho I hope it's slightly bigger....) living room, and turned this ex-dining into a PLAY ROOM! YAY!!! And until they can keep their own toys, they are not allowed to bring out their toys to the living room! hahahaha.....*evil laugh* :P

Pretty cosy, ain't it? :)