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Friday, November 6, 2009

Suggestions or Solutions?

Sometimes, when we ask for suggestions of solutions, are we really asking for just suggestions? Or are we expecting just the solid solutions to appear before us by asking it in the first place, and not just suggestions? Coz if we truly want just suggestions, when given, why is that we still think those suggestions are USELESS, and of no substance?

I guess it's the same as when we ask our most trusted other half or friend or sister whether we still look as good, have we gained weight, do we look okay.......deep down inside, yeah, part of us NEED to know the truth so we won't go out looking silly, but the other part actually just wants to hear something good from's called surreal expectation.

So if they tell you "i think this dress suits you better than the one you selected earlier on", are you gonna be happy and accept their opinion? Or are you gonna stick to your own choice in the end, still!??? When that happens, you can't say nobody paid attention, you can't say nobody listened or bothered.....they listened, paid attention, suggested......but I guess it's just not what you'd hoped for......

So, in the end, it's your own life, your own choice, pride and regrets.....of course we always hope that the latter seldom happens, if at all! And because this is your own life, you hold the steering wheel, even if your GPS system tells you to go East, you can still choose West of course!

But if u get lost, all is not lost, you still have your GPS system, right? Unless of course, the battery ran out on you too, then that will probably give you time to sit down in the loss of nowhere and review your own choices, choices of actions and words....... and if you are lucky, you'll be able to get back to location safely.....