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Friday, January 29, 2010

The 12 Feet Long Table Runner

Yeah, have you ever come across table runners that are long enough for a bulky 6-seater dining table? I have not. Unless of course, I buy 3 pieces of the 6 feet long ones and lay them on the shorter side across the table, but that's gonna cost me RM200, if not more!

So, being the 'waste-not-your-scrap-fabrics' kinda person that I am, I decided to attempt a 'patchwork' 12 feet long table runner for the upcoming Chinese New Year (14th Feb 2010) this morning after sending both babes to school.....

And, thank God my time and effort did not go down the drain! At 11a.m, this is the outcome:

Total cost incurred:
RM10 (indonesian printed sarung as the back liner),
RM5 (checkered modern songket that I used to make my 1st qi pao the other day),
while the others are just remnants from my throw pillow project! :D

= RM15.00 only (approximately USD5.00, or less!)

If such a long table runner is available in stores, it would seriously cost around RM100 - RM200, if not more! Glad I attempted it this morning!!!! :) Okie, off to cook lunch I go!