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Friday, January 15, 2010

Duck Egg Blue Qi Pao: WOrk in ProgreSS!

To sum up my days & nites of late?

Sure, this shot below was how I ended my night at almost wee hours. That's Xiao Yan Jing's qipao fabric btw, I am making one for her, and I am anxiously hoping it will turn out CORRECT! :P and btw, Xiao Yan Jing also happens to be sista#2, ie. the one who grew up with me (coz our age gap is only 2 years) causing me kenak blame for most things when she cried boo-hoo-hoo.....very much like Maia and Kyra nowadays! LOL!

4+am, that Xiao Yan Jing MINI (aka Maia, very contrary, coz her eyes aren't smallish...LOL),
decided to fake "MUMMY GAI PEI!!! MUMMY GAI PEI!!!!" wailing her hearts out asking me to go to her room and put her blankie on! And AS USUAL (seriously), once I entered their bedroom, her agenda changed.....from putting blankie on, it became "MUMMY I WANNA GO UR ROOM SLEEP" :O

***Sometimes, her fake 'reason' is "MUMMY I WANNA GO TOILET PEE" while she's wearing diaper????? WORSE? Occasionally, it's "MUMMY!!!!! LIZARDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!"

And once you entered their bedroom , it's a trap actually. HMMMMM.......

Okie, back to topic.....I am sure that entertained those of you who did not have to wake up every middle of the nite to 'entertain' this little actress of mine! :P

This photo below IS my current 'workstation' aka STUDIO :D, one that I am still trying to hide-the-ugly-show-only-the-nice, been trying for a few days.....i guess ugly stuffs will remain ugly!?

And because i vowed to myself to get XYJ's qipao done by this morning, before 12noon (coz that's when my little brat + her sweet elder sista would be home from kindie), I had to brush through COFFEE.....and here it to my maccie (aka the macbuku). See how many hot glue sticks I have? Few days ago there were double this amount actually.

And of course, the loyal fan of the F-word!

Another shocking perspective of the "UNDER re-ORGANIZATION" guest room cum studio! Sure, I will post up the AFTER shot....if there is one:D

Okie, here I come duck-egg-blue-with-rose-pink-flowers-qipao!!!


gingee said...

xyj says "THUMBS UP!"
hahahahah.. alang alang i shud spelt it xiao yan zing... to make it xyz! lol..

gingee said...

i am ur sista #01!!!!!

Pearpear said...

how to 'categorize' worr...

if u say SISTA in general, then i am the #1, u r #2, ger is #3 mah...
thats y i always label u as sista #2,else, confusing oso...

susah nyeeee.....hahahahha