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Monday, January 18, 2010

Revamps of my IKEA items

If your home, like mine, happens to NOT be a show house (coz show houses are not meant to be lived in by humans, it's meant to be on display, thus the lack of ugly eye-sore items), you'd understand how much storage space (hidden or non-hidden) we need to hide those unsightly groceries, toiletries, handphone chargers, you name it!

To make matters worse is when you have pieces of furniture that are no longer in use, well, coz the 'baby' has grown up and does not need her diaper change! So here you see the old changing table that we got from Ikea when Maia was born, the SNIGLAR changing table. I have recently turned it into our 'Butler' counter in the family hall upstairs :D, 'butler' coz it helps keep many things in place, our chargers would go on top when in use, drinking water and its cup, extra toiletries or towels would go under and it also fits my laundry basket too!!!!

But to let it wide open showing all the above items would be such a no's really a sight pollution, at least to me:P, so, i recycled the panel curtain that is no longer suitable for my bedroom window, and made it into THIS!!!

Thought it's nothing fancy, I love how it hides many things in it, and is super easily accessible! I only made 'curtains' for the front, and left side coz I figured sooner or later, either hubby or babes would pull down the one on the right since it's the access point to the laundry basket, judging from how they use the basket on normal days.... :P So I might as well skip making it!
Oh, it's super easy to remove the 'curtains' for washing if they ever get stained, just tear it off......
kidding....I used velcro to attach em onto the changing table, that's how easy!


Another revamp is of the Ikea APA toy storage box. I made a seat padding with elastics on the underside and all you need to do is slip it on! I also plan to attach 2, maybe 3 small hinges to the lid (the seat) so that it's easier for the babes to use, coz right now, once they take off the lid, it will go elsewhere!!! Hmmmmm........

Now sitting pretty and cozy in their new playroom, with BabyPo, Pocoyo and Elli on top of it :D