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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Y.I.B's Christmas Wedding @Miri

The wedding that got all of us achy here and there due to the 15 + 16 hours bus rides to and fro....
all the way to M.i.R.i to our close cousin's wedding. If not because we all played together since toddlerhood, I don't think I'll forgive him for the tormenting bus rides that caused my acute gastritis to resurface......wai lah, just kidding.....about the former of course...the latter is for real till i nearly fainted on NYE!!! That's really a shame coz we all had to miss NYE's countdown, thanks to gastritis...sigh!

Anyways, I think for this post, I don't have to elaborate much on ALL the other stuffs, coz.......
you can read all about it HERE! LOL! Tenkiu, XYJ!!! *Wink wink********

The other stuffs not mentioned by her post will be here!

First up....
Women in kebayas......Mum and very very very 1st and only kebaya as of now....
That Christmas/wedding morning, Ger (aka Sis#3) was supposed to help me bun my hair, but due to time constraint, they all had to rush over to the bride's side as Ji Muis (Bride's teammates) and I ended up bunning it myself! To be honest, the bun was slightly out of place, too much to the left side, so i got no choice but to fix the problem by clipping a matching green silk rose to the right side....tadaaaa...balanced! hehe.....(too bad I forgot to snap a pix of it).

Godmum and me.....

If you have visited Xiao Yan Jing's post on this wedding, you'll know what this photo below is all I shall not repeat after her k... hehe....

And here's all of us after the tea-ceremony at Y.I.B's house.

Mother of the bride, the aunt we grew up 'bullying' (sort of, in a nagging way only mind u)....Haven't seen her for 4 years+....this wedding gave us the chance to meet again!

And this is, almost ALL of us, (L-R): Stella, Ger, Boy, Kelly the bride, Y.I.B the groom, Me, Ling, Lynna, Mobby, Chan Chung (better known as Chung Ko), Mum, Dad, Alex the K-pa, Celia the K-ma, Qi Qi, Ah Jia.

This is my 'original' family: (L-R) Ger, Boy, Me, Xiao Yan Jing, Mum and Dad, just like old times :D

All I can say, as much as I hate the entire TO & FRO bus trips there, I am glad I went. The trip itself (coz it's minus Zac and the babes) let me reminisce our younger days, say...ermmmm....10+ years ago? When it's just 4 of us plus mum and dad, with no worries of any particular little human(s) :D

I wish Y.I.B and Kelly a long and happy marriage in the years ahead of them, and also hope that Kelly will be able to adapt and fit into the new family asap (since she's from Singapore). Good Luck!!! :)