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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

32 days only to CHINESE NEW YEAR???

32 days to Chinese Lunar New Year 2010, Year of the Metal Tiger :P

OMG, seems like days are flying PASS me without me noticing, man!!!
It has got to slow down a bit, else, I won't be able to tackle all the PRE-cny chores/tasks/projects...alamak!!!

To understand why the Kanceong-ness? Well, I will be away from 20th to 25th, and the list is LONG.

In random order of importance:
1) Paint, no, repaint our white many are there? lemme count.....ok, i shall limit it to FIVE max!!! the ones up there shall be less prioritized then! And I have this secret itch wanting to paint our 'last door' FIRE ENGINE RED (it is what it is, the last door as you enter the house then out from the back where the laundry-pantry room is!)

2) Finish the BIG PROJECT that Z & I started last week....he's now 'busy', so we can only continue the 2nd half on 20th Jan! hmmmmphHH!!! All I can say is, this one is one heck of a big DIY project, for us.

3) Make CNY cookies, for the home, MIL, Godma, Mum...alamak....haven't decide which or what to make though...hehe...I am not a cookie cookie person.

4) Spring clean the entire house, myself.

5) Make a table runner for my dining table....I can't buy one even if I have the budget lah, my dining table is wayyyyy long.......and even if i do find one super long, it will be at least RM80....sooooo nottttttt worth paying, since I can make one myself!

6) Hang up the RED LIL LANTERNS...barulah ada CNY feel...i like i like.... :D

7) Find and smuggle home a dead (hopefully) beautiful tree branch of medium size, and fake a cherry blossom tree, ala Christmas tree lerr.....then the babes can hang all the CNY-ish baubles...on the tree!

8) lemme try to recollect myself.............*pengsan******


gingee said...

i'll help u settle no. 3 for few sides of families! except ur in-laws, ofcos. lol...

tat is, if u want. hahahahahhaaha...