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Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's projecting again!

Ok, this post is impromptu, so whatever you read about is about the 'matters' that have been circling my head for the past few days...very recent but exciting :D

a) Zac and I are planning to tackle a pretty big DIY project ourselves (pretty big to us coz this shall be the 1st time both of us 'collaborate' on DIY-ing from scratch, coz I don't consider fixing up Ikea stuffs as purely DIY). This project involves the big square 'hole' in our bedroom that serves zero purpose, other than making our life hard coz now we have to DIY to 'kau tim' it, LOL! This square 'hole' measures 8' high x 8' wide x 1.5' deep, and it's right behind our bed (where the headboard is). We are puzzled as to why it's designed this way, well, unless it's built right on a window wall, then it makes sense, imagine putting comfy paddings and cute throw pillows around it....ahhh...that makes a pretty good looking 'reading corner', but NO, this one is just a plain weird HOLE! So, we are planning to DIY a padded headboard to cover the entire thing, the headboard will be a huge one, spanning from bottom of floor to ceiling, then we plan to build hidden shelves in it :D where we can store very seldom used items eg: my large samsonite suitcase which has no where to go now, my wedding gown in another large suitcase, items that were 'blasted' from the, u get the flow....

Sounds cool eh?
Well, it'll only be cool IF we can be successful...HAHA!
I shall pray for it.... :D

b) DIY#2
As some of you might already knew, I had to turn my cosy dining room into the babes' PLAYroom :P So obviously, the colour and feel of the room is now not so FUN for a playroom. I challenged myself to transform this room's feel from COSY CLASSY DINING ROOM (i'd like to think so), to........FUNKY DORY PLAYROOM for UNDER RM100! (and No, it will not involve any Dory fish drawings in case you're wondering). Before I went to z.z land last nite, I managed to squeeze out some ideas and colour scheme, for now, you guys can try picture MATTE BLACK, PINK, DARK BROWN, GREEN. And as per my Apple Tree project, this will involve recycling some leftover Murobond paints in the store room of course, esp that the challenge is to go below RM100 for the total cost....hehe..

In the mean time, let's hope I'll have mood and time to sit down tight to post about all the oustanding 'matters'.... :P