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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Apple Tree of Knowledge

What does one do if she has leftover of GREEN and BROWN paints from housepainting?  Well, one grows a big tree out of it, that's what happened in my home! hehe....

To create more colour tones from just the green and brown paints, I mixed the green with different ratios of creamy white (also leftover btw), same went for the dark brown for the tree bark!

And did I mention that I am afraid of heights? :O  So, standing up on the 1st  2 steps on this feather-weight ladder is actually a scary feat for me, while holding on to a paintbrush on my right hand, then the paint on the other!  The hardest part (physically and mentally) obviously was painting the ceiling with green 'leaves' part of the tree :P.

PAINTS are from 
MUROBOND 'Pure' & 'Murowash' range.  Mixed the two since these are emulsion paints anyway, and I did notice that it's rather smooth to paint with!!!  I am not sure if I could say the same for all the other emulsion paints out there, coz I have not tried it.

I used only 1x 1.5" STANLEY paintbrush for the entire tree, hehe..mainly becoz i only have that brush at home that afternoon, else i'd have to use ROLLER????? hehe....

***TOTAL COST incurred for this 'BIG TREE'? 
a) 7 x RM2.50 (apples) = RM17.50 
b) 1 x RM0.50 (hot glue stick) = RM0.50
c) paints are from leftovers, so I consider those free for this.

TOTAL: RM18.00 only!!! :D  (Approximately USD5+)

TOTAL TIME: approximately 4 hours, by one person, ie. me myself and i :D

I guess this is either Washington or Red Delicious Apples :D
Last pix above: taken at 8+pm, right before I tucked the two babes into bed.
I overheard Kyra saying: "Good Night, Big Tree".
That put a smile on my face, made it all worth it!

Standing at a stellar 10' tall, this apple tree does resemble mummy & daddy holding out their arms to give 'shade' to their little apple trees! :)