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Monday, September 14, 2009

A Birthday Grandma's Cupcakes!

Mum's 51st birthday is on Sunday 13th Sept 09, we already made plans to throw a small simple family dinner amongst us to celebrate.  I was to prepare 2 vege dish and the birthday cake, Godma ordered chicken curry, noodles and a local dish called 'Ka Cang Ma' (please don't ask me what it is in English, I doubt there's a name for it....hehe).
I made the cupcakes in two flavours a night before (Sat nite), dark chocolate and carrot cinnamon....

I changed my mind about carrot cake's my surprise! Previously I would not even consider buying a slice of it to try! hehe....

Sunday came and went, that day, my sister, and cousins came to help make the icing and fondant....tough i did the fondant from scratch, coz I read reviews online that readymades tastes yuckkk!  Icing-making is not hard at all, fondant making takes more time and energy...and making those little figurines out of fondant, is the hardest of all!  Luckily my sister#2 and 2 cousins were there to help!  And in the end, we are very happy with the outcome...
Because we were running out of time, we limited ourselves to 3 colour scheme only, original white (more like ivory), green and dark brown, and we decided to make 'anything' as long as the process if fun and enjoyable...haha....that's why you also see a frog and caterpillar in the "COLLECTION" :P

Personally, I really think this is a 'priceless' birthday often do you get a birthday cake that's made by so many 'un-experts'???  :D  Hehe....  PLUS!  Grandma got her birthday song sang by her 2 grandoters in all THREE languages; Mandarin, English and Malay :)
And, her birthday candle lit 3x!  (Coz Kyra blew it off when Grandma accidentally said "BLOW", then Maia took 'turn' to blow it off on the 2nd time....and finally, birthday Grandma got to make her birthday wish and blow off her candle, without the help of my two kepocis :D )

35 standard-sized dark chocolate & carrot cinnamon cupcakes
My white rose and Pei Ling's telephone that was almost made wrong with 9 digits! 
Cousin Judy's alphabets and Cousin Stella did the icing spreading :D
My little green guy, resting atop a huge lotus leaf in the pond!

Me and my babes with grandpa and grandma!
Kyra planting a birthday kiss:D

Kyra & Maia really love birthdaysssss.....even if it's not theirs! LOL!