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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Of Blacks & Whites, Chinas & Jars

This is the 'current' method used to arrange and store away my 'chinas' (and stonewares and glasswares etcetera-wares).  I am journalizing it down because it won't be long before this scene becomes non-existent!!! :(  For your info, we have been waiting THREE long months for our kitchen cabinet to be is STILL NOT ready as of this minute btw......
So, that is why these are stored on a bathroom shelf!!! :D hehehe....

Once the kitchen cabinets are installed, I will have a proper and concealed storage for all these stuffs, namely 'deep drawer' :D.  Not to mention, there won't be suitable space for this shelf once the breakfast island counter gets here.......So, I thought it would be cute to look back here at these photos, especially of the BEFORE & AFTERssss.... (i just love transformations.....on things, humans, anythingssss)

And chinas in Black & White match my kitchen wall and floor, also my black fridge, and soon to come kitchen cabinets in matte black :O  I did not design it all at ONCE to be B&W btw...they just happened to fall into place in the same color scheme quite the unplanned way really..... but we love it....

Even the chinas were not purchased at the same time, from the same places....In fact, some were bought as early as 4 years ago :O hehehehe......yes, speaking about planning ahead and knowing what you already wanted.... I think the latest addition would be the chinese soup spoon with bamboo design on the handle......And if you are wondering about the last photo, yes, i am a sucker for vintage looking most-things:)  and I thought that these jars were cute! (Not to mention fully functional as well.)

Well, I shall update here the new look of my kitchen once the cabinet-man decides to finish up on ours! :P