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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mac Apple is back!!!!!

I forgot when Maccie (as I used to call my Macbook) went coma on me...but i know it has been more than a month...yeah, one whole long monthhhhhhh......

So, today I received a new hard disk from Z via's a Western Digital 320GB HD, actually I don't have a clue much techie-ly speaking :P LOL!  So, with a prayer to Dear God, i 'operated' my Maccie to do a heart transplant this afternoon.  (Why the prayer you wonder? Oh, so that I don't accidentally change her status from 'coma' to 'dead', u know..... :D )

With pictures of instructions on how to replace a new hard disk in my mind, (courtesy of bro in law & Z), I carefully carried out the surgery, 'stitched' her back together, and tried to electrocute her back to life.....(yeah, by switching the "POWER" button lah).....

Znnnggggggggg!!!!!!! (yeah, that's approximately how a Mac sounds like when they come to life, but that does not guarantee MY Maccie would wake up and say hello u know....., so I waited in pain~ ).  A few icons on the steely grey bare screen later, tadaaaaaaaa!!!!!!  Maccie is back!!!!
Healthy as a pea! :D

(Though i still cringe at the knowledge that Maccie's old and rotten HD might not be ok enough for us to retrieve all the data inside....sigh....all my photos of the 2 babes......)

Anyway....past few weeks, when I did not have my macbook to darling doters decided to make me one.  Yeah, there you see....using their LEAP FROG 'laptop' :P  How totally sweet! LOL!
And 'somebody' just renamed Maccie as Mac Apple, which is totally cute.....reminds me of Mac Donald's Apple Pie........yummm........