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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gettin my plastic baggies sorted!!!

I am thinking the photos above would have explained it all?

Well, I do sort my plastic bags according to size, so that I know what to use it for, properly, as much as I wish all our supermarkets stop providing it!
Coz face it, whether you feel the bite of using so many plastic baggies every day, they still pile up very fast, and in my case, these piled up in my laundry room faster than the grass in my lawn grows!   And it's not a pretty look!

So there you have very own 'baggie sorter', just pull one out from the bottom opening when you need it, and select the size accordingly :D

***psssttt!!! btw, I am definitely NOT promoting the use of plastic bags, but i believe sorting them out nicely would help reduce usage abuse and reduce wastage,  at least for me :)