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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Seriously charming Pottery Barn Kids Room!

I will just let the photos (courtesy of PB of course!) do the screaming!!!
Doesn't it frustrate you to see what a great range of kids anythings they have in the states? From the best and safest feeding things to seriously unnecessary (but superb if you have the  extra moolahssss) room decors and accessories, they have it all!

Over here, things are either overpriced, safety-UNassured, ugly, and ugly again. 
I seriously wonder why we can't have locally made but chic and cute kiddie things???

Yeah, go on...feast your eyes.....even if you are a singleton or have no kids, 
I think these photos would attract your attention as well! :P

Perfectly tidy, organized and cool playroom!

This mini kitchen probably looks nicer than many REAL kitchens over here!

This one?  Oh, I am interested only in the BIG APPLE CHALKBOARD CLOCK, and the pink&green backpack the little girl is carrying, and also the lunchbag (i think it is) with elephant applique on the wall,.....well, the Elephant backpack is cute as well.......Not to mention.............(the list can't stop...sigh....this is depressing.... LOL!)

Chalkboard idea....i wonder if this is DIY-able.....

***For the 1st photo, the chalkboard wall is actually a very cool idea, and i have always loved chalkboard walls, but I think for health reasons, I have to forget it....even if i have the space for it at home!  I can just imagine my two babes dusting the chalk dust here and there and everywhere...... :O   (I'll have to shelf this idea till they are older then).