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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Up Closed & In Boxes!

This is how the house looks like now.....boxes, large ones stacked up high, waiting to be assembled.....Out of curiousity, as usual, i assembled ONE unit of the INGEMAR hi-stool, and that's the one Kyra's seated on in the above photo.
And here's how it looks like close up.......
Notice that nice simple green glass bowl?  I got it @RM9.90 only, during its promo period at Ikea.

Just to share...another bargain buy I found during my shopping-for-the-home trip last June, on 70% discount, I paid approximately RM24 for one.  These will be great for soups on the table....intricate but simple in colours......with LID, that's what i like better! :D

And, I really love my new hi-stool.  Can't wait for my kitchen cabinet and island counter to finally be installed.....I wonder when oh when!!!!  :P