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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why life is cute to have a toddler or two....

Lira, the female labrador is at our backyard, tied to her leash.  Getting all excited upon seeing my two babes approaching from the back door.....

The MUMMY aka yours truly here, was weeding.....nearby...

Cheche to MeiMei, in Mandarin in a very persuasive and believe-able tone....
Cheche:  Go, Meimei...go lah....go near Lira.....
Meimei:  don't want! (Pu Yao)
Cheche:  Why dont want?  She won't bite.....REALLY!!!  She won't bite!
Meimei:  don't want!  ***in an irritated tone coz the sister is so insistent on asking her to do something she's scared of***
Cheche:  Won't, she won't bite you one....go near her, go!  Go 'sayang' her (pat her)....
Meimei:  DON'T WANT!  CANNOT!  (pu yao! Pu Kher Yi)

I was grinning, seriously grinning....till i almost broke out in laughter! tsk tsk tsk!
The big sister is trying to get the Meimei eaten by the dog it seems!


On another incident, around the same area....
Finally our lawn is almost fully grown....that means it is OKAY to step on on it....(NOT BY THE DOG BTW, that dog tears everything apart!)
So i let the two babes play there.....

Suddenly, "Mummy mummy, what is this?"  while pointing to the grass.... :O
ME:  hehe...GRASS, darling. GRASS.
Kyra:  GRASS?  This green coloured thingie?
ME:  Yes, grass it is!
Kyra:  Then, what is this?
Maia:  Sand!
***She is right, Kyra touched the sand and asked me what that is, the 2year old sister answered her big sister with a correct reply! :O

And so it was.....a cute moment there.....with me reminding myself to let both of them STEP ONTO THE LAWN more often.....LOL!

*These two sisters, truly remind me of me and my sis when we were mere kids....LOL!