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Monday, September 14, 2009

KRISTA CENTURION's Tanglung Night 2009 - Big Reunion

Hightlights of TANGLUNG NITE: 

Well, from a blog i saw before of last year's tanglung nite, it was pretty filled with activities.....
And to think that the babes won't have chance to celebrate Lantern Fest here in our new home this year, our very 1st year's Lantern Fest :( :( :(  this sort of makes up for it!

Date: 25th September 09 (Friday)
Time: 6.30 - 9.30pm
Venue: Krista Centurion
Attire: Casual

* Opening speech by principal
* Presentation of souvenirs to sponsors
* Buffet meal and fellowship time 
* Best PUREEN FAMILY PHOTO CONTEST, dateline is 17th Sept, i dunno how, can join without the dady in photo since the daddy is only gonna be back the next day???
* Sushi-making by SUSHI KING JAPANESE CHIEF EXEC Chef Sakamakisan
* Family treasure hunt
* Lantern walk
* Krista pasar malam

(Various stalls consist of Sushi King, Pureen, Copal, Raiya, Penrissen mooncake demo (i think this is the lady mum goes for cooking demo!), Rose Jelly, Ovaltine, Diamond water, Pediasure, Sundrop, Chipsmore, QQ Aquatic, Tina Balloons, etc)

***visitors will get freebies and door gifts in the form of sushi king voucher, pureen family products, pediasure sachets, ovaltine freebies, n many more.  Copal will be giving out free family photo shoot to each family that nite itself too!

And of course, we as Krista student's parents, are requested to 'pot-bless' the buffet, the good thing, they have prepared a list of common delicacies for us to choose from!  You can opt to bring something other than listed,  of course everything has got to be HALAL!

That means....i gotta get the babes a lantern each!!! hmmm....maybe i'll just make it!!!  Raincheck raincheck!