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Monday, December 21, 2009

Mini Aprons & Napkins....coz my beloved sewing machine is back, with a VENGEANCE!

Imagine if you have only one car, and it broke down, and now you got it back from the workshop all running smoothly and way better than before! Yeap, I just got back my mum's 30 year old sewing machine from the 'workshop' and sooooo glad it only costed me RM47 for repair & service! :D

FYI, I haven't been sewing things for a few weeks, it felt strange and kinda miserable especially when I have all the 'ingredients' and design all ready in my, today I finally started, and I completed the panel curtains for the babes' room by noon (photos to follow shortly), and later continued the SYOK-ness of sewing by making 2 little cutie aprons and play napkins for the 2 babes' mini kitchen and dining table :D

Apron in striking chili red with B&W gingham border and strap.

Each mini apron has easy-adjust velcro 'system' at the back :D

I also managed to squeeze out a matching hot pink table cloth for their 'round table' (which is actually my rattan stool really).

Both got so into playing 'dinner time' with their aprons on, and nicely folded napkins......hehehe...

The best thing is, all these were made using leftover fabrics from previous 'projects', so they cost me nothing except time and effort :)

So how do you like it so far? (If you're a female who played masak-masak before, you'd probably love this like I do)....hehe....I can't wait till I finally get the entire playroom mentioned in previous post! These napkins and aprons sure fit perfectly into the color scheme, dont ya think? hehe....