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Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's New Year's Eve!

It's New Year 2010's EVE today.....and just got back from Kamdar (now that Fah Co is down to ashes) with a gorgeous thai silk in the shade of red wine, hopefully to be turned into my CNY qi pao (ie. if the tailor is willing to take in another order tomorrow), 2 very cute flannels to make PJs for the babes, a black cotton sateen @ half price to make my bolero jacket to match the above mentioned qipao, and 1 very modern UN-songket-looking songket fabric at half price making it RM10.90 for 2.5 meters!!! Pretty good finds today, I must say.....

Have been requested to 'kau tim' dinner tonite coz we rather not eat out, it will be super crowded anyway, so I am cooking Lotus Root Pork Ribs soup and a vege dish while FIL will get satays! YAY!
This will be my 1st attempt to make this soup, I hope I get it right....well, FIL is 'particular' about food.... jeng jeng jeng!!!! :P

Did I mention I am making LEMON BARS for dessert too? hahaha....yeap, it is what it is, AGAIN!

After dinner, we will head on to Small Aunt's condo for her countdown party with live band performances......yeah, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 everyone! I would only wish for good health and happiness for my family :)