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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sewing Solitude

You know how it is when one person or a few drive you mad and make you wish you're actually insane for real? If you're actually REALLY insane, you could be oblivious to the things that hurt and irritate your soul.

Lately, there's THREE humans who get on my nerves plentiful, till I could hear myself SHOUTING in my head scolding em, each and every single one of them! I finally did SHOUT (and more....) to ONE of them today, and I am now wondering when will the other TWO's turns be!!!!

I would like them to know, MY P.A.T.I.E.N.C.E has its limit and if it can be measured in the number of letters the word itself is spelt, mine's just left with the letter 'P', whereas the other 7 letters have vanished through the years.

I hate to break the patience and shout at anybody mentioned above coz that's just the end, I'll have to face awkwardness from the person shouted at, coz the CONTENTS of my shout-outs would be the F.O.U.G.....yeah, ugly truths.....the former two words you should know very well....pretty common.

I need solitude from all these bugs....and while I was speedily making Maia's dress, then Kyra's velvet hairband, then another one for Maia......I realized, sewing takes my mind off the ISSUES (probably coz if I don't pay attention and focus I'd get my fingers sewn onto the machine, and that's gonna be ugly big time!)....

I shall keep sewing then......

In the mean time, here's the outcome of my solitude time-out:
LEFT: Maia's dress, RIGHT: Kyra's top, both made with 100% Japanese cotton by SEVENBERRY, that I purchased from Fah Company a few days before inferno swallowed the entire fabric store last week! *Sob sob* (Did I mention Fah Co carries authentic Japanese cottons and other nice and rare fabrics? sob sob.....)

Both babes are gonna wear their new bajus & matching hairbands to a New Year countdown party with live band performances tomorrow night :D, organized by hubby's aunt & uncle....

Fine pleats on the top front of Kyra's spaghetti top

Maia's little dress :)

Velvet ribbon across the empire waistline

Velvet elasticized hairband with grossgrain ribbon bow for both babes:D

Seen here modeled on Kyra's very messy hair, sorry bout that...hehe...