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Monday, December 28, 2009

Sew ME!

Now that my mum's 30 year young sewing machine is running fine, I have listed down (in my head lah) the 'sewing jobs' that are l.a.g.g.i.n.g since many many weeks ago.....hehe...

Not too sure if these are in proper 'priority' sequence or not.....
1) Godma's cotton cardi (that is an exact copy of my store-bought cardi) ***done***
2) Bedsheet set for little bro (as his bday gift) :D ***done on 4th Jan 10***
3) Dresses, and many dresses X 2 for Kyra and Maia (oh, these had been outstanding for a few mths now!) :P
4) Pillow cases for the throw pillows in my living room (for CNY 2010) ***done 7th Jan 10***

5) Mobby The Cousin :P has 'booked' my sewing service to do his new curtains for his room makeover! The good thing is, luckily his curtain is not the frilly pleated type....just plain flat-sheet curtain! PHEW!!!! ***10th Jan 10: he changed his mind, not make-overing anymore.....haha***

On top of all the above, I would really love to create a few clutches/bags, simply coz I just lurrvveee attaching the magnetic buttons to the bags I made! LOL! Sounds ridiculous, I know......don't care...hehehehe....