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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The ACCIDENTAL Spaghetti Top

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, my other half could not hold the camera steady, thus, I had to seek professional help from my unprofessional Macbook's Photo Booth photo-taking service... :P

Would you be surprised if I told you the total cost (minus workmanship of course) for this Cotton Linen spaghetti top is just RM3.00++?

Actual colour is soft lime green, not the shocking lime green mind you...hehe..

And while I tried to get a few good perspectives of my newly created top, my little bumblebee flew along buzzing non-stop wanting to get a snappo too! Hmmph!!! So here she is, with her hair scrunched up accidentally (looking like a HIPPIE) coz her new velvet hairband is 2" small....(she refused to let me measure her head circumference, that's why)