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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nap time can now be more comfy!!! FINALLY!!!

Both the kids' bedroom and my 'studio' (aka Guest Room) face the bright strong sunlight during daytime, thus making the rooms super hot even with aircond on! So I decided I needed to do something about the kids' bedroom to make nap time more comfy, less steamy! haha...

See the difference? Kids' bedroom (left) has just been added semi-blackout panel curtains, while my studio is using normal cotton curtains in off-white. Very super bright and sunny, right?

This morning, I went to Fah Co (intended to) but I walked into the WRONG shop (LOL! I know) because hubby's 'warning' me to be FAST FAST!!! (fyi, I always do/buy wrong things when I am hurried) , but I am really seriously glad I did!!! I guess everything happens for a reason, good or bad?? LOL! Of all the fabric stores I went to, none carried this fabric (see below), they sell it as BLACKOUT FABRIC but I beg to differ, coz I remember back at my parents' home where we all had blackout curtains, it is REALLY blackout when the curtains are drawn....but no so much this one....but it's just nice for nap time anyway, so I don't mind......Looks good, isn't it? Looks like upholstery fabric, feels like one too....and at RM10/meter at 60" wide, it's really a steal!!!

So, with fabric, comes great window solutions...HEHE! From who else, but IKEA!!!
Got this DIVISION panel curtain system during our KL trip a few weeks ago. Fully aluminum so no worries on rust, simple to install too!

So, I managed to squeeze out the panel curtains this afternoon, and fixed em up, and here it is!

This is how the room feels like when all 4 panels are drawn.....see why I prefer to call it SEMI-blackout fabric? yeah, you got it! But I wouldn't want full blackout for the babes anyway, in case they trip and fall :P

So, here's to happier, more comfortable and LONGER nap times for the babes.....(which translates to more MUMMY TIME to do MUMMY's HOBBIES??? HEHEHEHE)