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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merely Miri!

To sum up our SUPER LONG & TIRING express bus trip to Miri?

15 hours from Kuching to Miri.
Miri - super lousy food everywhere! LOL!
Bintulu - messy & toilet's dirty and unsightly
Sibu - surprisingly different from the last time I went many years ago, a lot more organized, nice landscape and clean!!!!
16 hours from Miri back to Kuching, drop dead exhausting and sickening!

And thus, we all (the younger ones as far as I know, lol), 'vowed' to NEVER take express bus to anywhere that takes longer than 6 hours!!! :P

Though the trips TO and FRO sucked big time, it's in no way to say the same of the wedding occasion itself.....I am just waiting for little sista at home to kau tim editing all the photos...can't wait to show em here!!!