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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Angry Day = Productive Day?

Today, even though it's an ANGRY day... (I shall save you the trouble of knowing the reasons, less info, less frustrations sometimes), it has been pretty productive for me..... Well, I learnt how to make the vanilla ice-cream cookies from Mum over the phone this morning, started doing it right away, and finished it with a total of over 300 or 400 pieces....did not count.....(photo above).

Baking them got me really exhausted, but I am crazy enough to start sewing the 'KUNG FU SHIRT' for Z to be worn on Chinese New Year! And I finished it 45 minutes ago! Double YAY!

I still have Mom-In-Law's qi pao top to sew, Maia's 2nd qi pao dress too! On top of many many other chores, OMG! (Will show photos once these are all done!)

Many a time, people ask me how I find time and energy to do all these on top of handling the two babes, lunch and dinner, EVERY THING basically.....(including the labrador at the backyard:( ), well, when the two babes are not interested to do their own thingssss....i let them join this! (see??) Even if it means getting the entire floor (almost) covered with baking flour..... sigh....

As for where I get the energy to do all these extrasss?? I really dont know....but I suspect it's my passion that drives me all these while! How I wish passion drives many other things!

Good Nite! Happy Sunday!