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Monday, February 1, 2010

Toy Stroller 'Refurbished' In Colours!

This toy stroller has been around for over 2 years now, bought it at TOYS'R US for Kyra's Christmas 08 @RM29.90 (if I am not wrong). The 'seat' (actually just a thin polyester fabric seat) has stains and tears and holes here and there already but the 'chassis' is still in tip top condition.

Most importantly, the two babes love it very much! They use it to stroll around my living room with the toy baby, sometimes use it to CARRY THEIR THINGS AROUND!!! Yeap! In short, toy strollers like this attract lil girls' attention very much, that's what happened the other day when my niece came over, the only thing she wanted to touch but dare not tell us was this stroller....(she whispered to her dad instead).

So I used a multi-coloured checkered cotton fabric that I have and 'refurbished' it.....
............added a little fashion chic to it by replacing the plain-coloured straps with my precious polkadottie grossgrain ribbon :D hehe!
And also made a new flower dress for their baby to celebrate Chinese New Year with! LOL! Else, this baby was always, always naked! :P (trust me, this kind of no-pattern, 1-piece dress is extremely simple to make, can be done in less than 30 minutes!)
I'm liking it a lot...the bright colours are just charming, and suits the new playroom to the T!