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Monday, February 1, 2010

100th POST: PLAYROOM - Revealed!

Oohh...I just realized by coincidence that this is my 100th post! Great, sooooo right to reveal something not usual :D

Remember the makeover project I had been working on to transform my dining room to playroom for the babes? I showed a lil
SNEaK PEEK previously, and mentioned it some time ago!

Here it is! Finally completed just in time for the Lunar New Year celebration! Yay!

Well, I did not really remember to snap a proper BEFORE pix of the dining room, but anyways, it's just a plain pretty bare space below was taken a few days before we celebrated Maia's 2nd birthday!
The biggest change would be the feature wall here.....I added candy pink, orange, dark brown and my favourite green, all are from leftovers except the pink that costed me RM27.90 for a liter and I only used 0.2liter :(
Here's the full view! Love the bright airy space, thanks for the huge 13' wide sliding doors on the left. I did not get any new items, merely reshuffled some old furniture pieces, added accessories and small touches......

Toy storages...very important feature in any kids' room! You probably would know this if you had one or two or more kids :) Even with proper and ample storages, I sometimes still hurt my feet stepping onto their small toys on the floor......Before this, their toys dominated my entire house, which was really scary! A rubble of toys! IMAGINE!
This is a super cheap feature I added, that I call the "ART LINE"....for obvious reasons!
That's Kyra's drawing, the 2 humans seen walking side by side, according to her, are Mummy and Daddy:D (Love it...cuteness!)

The old daybed that we brought back from KL, I simply love this strong and timeless! This is where they play "HOUSE" or trampoline now.... SIGH! (instead of napping!)
Matching throw pillows that I made, notice the similar green and pink and black/dark brown to the feature wall? And the napkins, tablecloth etc.....were blogged quite some time ago....

Another family portrait by Kyra....LOL! The one in black dress is ME! :D

And NOPE! Did not go over RM100 for this whole transformation, as aimed! In fact, it's just RM27.90 + RM15.90 (Ikea acrylic toy goblets and glass set)!