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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Play Dress: Kyra's 'Kimono'

I made this type of modified, simplified, modernized 'KIMONO' for Maia when she was a tiny toddler in early 2009. Out of the blue, I got the itch to make one for Kyra using my Ikea CECELIA 100% cotton fabric...I love this fabric for TWO reasons: It's very good cotton with good printing, and at RM9.90/meter, I'm lovin it :D

This fabric has got birds and leaves and such all over its white background, the 1st time I tried to buy it, it was sold out for quite some time.....then I finally got hold of 4 meters... hehe....If you follow my blog, you'd notice that I've used this same fabric on the Ikea APA toy storage box/bench, and also as neck roll cover for my very old rattan rocking chair!

And if you're wondering WHY I put so many photos of Kyra in her new play dress in this post? SIMPLE. It's super hard to get a good photo of her, trust me......unlike Maia who can pose for me....Kyra's really unpredictable when it comes to photo-taking......and she's also slightly awkward when you ask her to smile for the camera! :P

So, I personally truly treasure any good shots of her....they are hard to come by...LOL!