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Monday, March 1, 2010

Rotten Oranges Up For Good Use!

I'd like to hit myself on the head for forgetting to remind Godma and Mum and Mum-In-Law to keep their rotten mandarin oranges from Chinese New Year! Yeap, ROTTEN, BAD, non-edible ones, so I can make more fruit enzyme out of em! :D

I just harvested my 2nd batch of making new ones with my few oranges....Mum-In-Law has got plenty of bad oranges coz she bought soooo many cartons of it! Called her a few days too late as she just threw away several cartons! :P sigh....
CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Good thing Godma still had some rotten oranges and pomelos left! Used them to start my new batch of enzymes :D, brown sugar is the only 'cost' incurred in the production, use only plastic containers for fermentation, and my 'harvested' big bottles of enzymes ready to be used!

Before you get all grossed up by the word enlighten yourself with some light reading on the production and multi uses of this enzyme:

*How to make enzyme

*Uses of these enzyme

In homes, garbage enzyme is used:
- as a household cleaning liquid
- to remove foul odours, molds and grime in the kitchen and toilet
- as an anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent
- to drive away insects
- to clean carpets and remove ticks
- for laundry washing and ironing
- for mopping floors
- for cleaning cars

At the very beginning, I was a believer (since this enzyme is acidic, thus it makes sense), but after using this enzyme solution (I diluted some in my spray bottle) to wipe clean the mirror directly next/behind my stove that was so oily.....I became an even stronger believer!!! Not only that, I have a house plant that never grew an inch since the day I bought it, after watering it with the enzyme solution, I could swear (but not necessary) it sprouted new branches in the next 2-3 days!!!

That itself is proof, strong enough to make me continue practicing this garbage enzyme production for our own home use, at the same time, do my tiny part for the, when are you gonna start?

***Sadly, my mum is a non-believer....strangely.....hopefully one day, somebody other than me can convince her :( She'd tell me she's heard about it from her sisters and church friends, but somehow, has zero interest to try.....Well, I guess it's hard to convince somebody who insisted on using 4 scoops of chemically-laden laundry detergent (instead of just 1 full scoop as per instruction) because she said "It's cleaner that way!" :P She won't be able to see the effectiveness of something as harmless, low-cost and chemical-free as the garbage enzyme until she tries day............