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Monday, March 8, 2010

FRESH & RAW food

Just finished watching 'FRENCH FOOD AT HOME' on AFC (Asian Food Channel), now continuing my down time with 'FRESH WITH ANNA OLSON'. (No, I usually never get much chance sitting around in front of the TV to watch these two cooking shows...coz I either forget when it's on, or I'll be busy with other things).

Now halfway through the 2nd show, I realized one FACT, and that is:
Chinese food DOES NOT have fresh, uncooked dishes (as far as I know of ie.) :O

You see, Japanese has their fresh raw sashimis.
French and most other western foods, have their fresh salads and herbs.
Even Malays have their 'ulam'. (raw uncooked vegetables eaten with a certain dip)
Chinese??? I can't think of any raw, uncooked dish, eaten as it is.......can you?

Then again, I also can't think of any chinese dish that is high in calcium too! Strange huh?
(Chinese food do not use cheese, milk, or the sorts....the only calcium-giving element would be broccoli...what else?)

For me personally, it's important I know how to get the best out of the food I feed my family, else, it's a bit of a waste, IMHO :[